Reflection on digital identities and culture course.

It has been a long and challenging semester which has finally come to an end, from the beginning of this semester I have had doubts about the digital identities and culture course from not knowing what to expect and what exactly I would be gaining from this interesting topic. Fortunately, I was not disappointed and luckily this was a fruitful experience. I have learned to become more digitally literate and a few months back I did not even know what this term meant I was just another consumer of online content regardless of this content source or meaning but now I have become more aware of the information I read online and without noticing I have started to doubt everything I read until I make sure about its reliability. I think this is a skill I should have gained a long time ago especially since I am always surfing the web, this skill that I have now acquired would not have been possible without reading “Knowing the Difference Between Digital Skills and Digital Literacy, and Teaching Both” by our professor Dr. Maha Bali which taught me the difference between digital skills and digital literacy.

Also, something that was quite challenging for me in this course is how some assignments require some creativity which is a skill I which if it wasn’t for this course I would not have noticed that I personally lack, I don’t consider myself creative and I have never been put in situations in which I am required to become a bit creative and create content which is not dull and straight to the point since I’m an economics major and I am used to dealing with numbers and systematic data in my academic life, the idea of creating creative content was new to me. I think I should practice creating more digital content because this will come in handy when I need to create content that I might need in my career in the future. I have practiced doing so in many assignments starting from creating my alternate CV up until creating my digital narrative game “good citizen” which was my favorite assignment of this course. When it comes to the knowledge I have gained through this course there is one concept which really stood out for me which is how my data is used online which I learned about in the “Do Not Track” episodes this made me think twice when deciding to sign up to anything online that requires me to give out my personal information.

If  someone were to ask me to show him or her what I have learned during this course I guess I would show two things, one would be my blog which is something I would have never tried doing on my own and was an interesting way in which I reflected on many of things I have learned in this course. The second would be my digital narrative game which was actually a fun experience and something that I am proud of.

My critics on this course are quite few, I think the only things I would change are just my personal preferences such as making the number of our assignments less but maybe longer so instead of having an assignment due every two classes or so I would choose a bigger assignment with a longer deadline since this course required a lot of short assignments. Also, the Soliya program which the class participated in which was a great experience but I think it needs slight adjustments like for example instead of being 4 sessions condensed in one month it could be more sessions throughout the whole semester and with flexible timings because it was hectic having to sit for two hours once a week and unfortunately for me I could only attend two of the sessions since I had other obligations which I could not miss.

I think this course would be great for anyone, if you are a creative person who would like to learn about interesting topics in a digital scale then this is definitely for you and if you lack creativity and knowledge on how to use the web properly then this is also definitely for you.

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