Good Citizen!

This game is aimed to test whether you’re a good citizen or not by putting you in situations people here in Egypt go through everyday, however in order to play you need to be completely honest with yourself. through most of the game you obviously might know what the right thing to do is however you may or may not choose to do it which is exactly the case in real life we may know what the right is but choose to do what suits us more.

To play the game click here :


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  1. hi Khaled, this game is currently not playable. You put all the scenarios under each other with no “branching” consequences so you know what happens if you play it… please fix that so your game becomes a playable narrative game. As it stands, it is just a survey and not a game. The scenarios are OK.
    P.S. you posted the edit link on your blog, you need to post the view link 🙂


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